About AquiferWatch

AquiferWatch  is an organization dedicated improving the participation of citizens of Florida in the management of their water resources, with emphasis on groundwater.  It is dedicated to assisting citizen volunteers in the monitoring of our groundwater resources and to educating Floridians in the principles of groundwater hydrology.  AquiferWatch is registered by the Internal Revenue Service as non-governmental, 501(c) 3 organization.  It was started by Dr. Rick Copeland, a former Assistant State Geologist with the Florida Geological Survey.  During his professional career, he has spent many years evaluating data obtained from groundwater monitoring networks.  Since 2004, Dr. Copeland has been a Florida LAKEWATCH volunteer, sampling Lake Talquin, just west of Tallahassee.  As a volunteer monitor of a lake, he wondered why there was not a similar program for monitoring groundwater in Florida.  After discussing the situation with several of his professional colleagues and LAKEWATCH staff, AquiferWatch was born.

AquiferWatch works cooperatively with Florida LAKEWATCH, a citizen volunteer organization that monitors Florida’s lakes and other surface waters bodies. AquiferWatch is dedicated to working with any volunteers that are interested in monitoring Florida’s groundwater.  Because of the cooperative nature between the two organizations, we believe the citizens of Florida are better served. Both organizations encourage Floridians to work with government agencies in solving the state’s water-related problems.

AquiferWatch facilitates “hands-on” participation in the management of Florida’s aquifers through periodic monitoring activities.  As such, it enables the Florida public to be involved in a cooperative teamwork approach to solving groundwater quantity and quality problems, and by vastly increasing the amount of groundwater data generated each year.  The information generated form the program is made available to anyone who wants it, including the volunteers themselves, interested citizens, schools, as well as governmental agencies.

Detailed scientific information is expensive to collect. For this reason, sufficient data are not always collected by agencies that are responsible for the sound management of our ground water.  Volunteer data is less expensive to collect than that obtained by government agencies. Volunteer data enhance our ability to properly manage Florida’s groundwater resources.  In addition, the data enhance research, which is essential in our ability to increase the efficiency of managing our water resources.

AquiferWatch provides citizens with educational material to foster a better understanding of Florida’s groundwater, which is essential for the long-term sustainability of Florida.  We want to educate citizens of Florida on the fundamental concepts of ground water, and the importance of its long-term availability.  Topics include its quantity, its quality, and the inter-relationships with our surface-water resources.  AquiferWatch produces and makes available articles and brochures on many groundwater related topics several times each year.  It also provides a network of people to work directly with ground-water management professionals, allowing both parties to learn from each other.

By participating in AquiferWatch, Floridians will become more aware of groundwater issues and assist government entities by reducing the cost of obtaining critical scientific data needed for the proper management of Florida’s groundwater resources.


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