AquiferWatch is looking for people who have access to water wells or springs, and are willing to participate in a long-term monitoring effort of groundwater.   As a volunteer, you will participate in the “AquiferWatch working in cooperation with LAKEWATCH program”, a joint effort between AquiferWatch Inc. and Florida LAKEWATCH.  LAKEWATCH is sponsored by the University of Florida.  As time and funding permits AquiferWatch supplies LAKEWATCH with monitoring equipment, assist in training their volunteers, and supply technical expertise as needed.

In order to become part of the AquiferWatch, volunteers are required to complete a training session on monitoring their well, or spring.  It takes about one hour.  The training session includes learning about aquifers and springs, plus techniques for collecting groundwater levels, and other data.  Once a volunteer has become certified and sampling sites are established, he or she samples the well(s) or spring(s) monthly for a minimum of two years.   The sampling equipment is supplied and is refurbished as needed.  After obtaining data, volunteers are then asked to record and send their data to AquiferWatch or LAKEWATCH.  Groundwater data is used to create a long-term database that can serve as documentation of current groundwater conditions; to be compared with future or past conditions.

In return for their participation in AquiferWatch, volunteers receive:

● Periodic newsletter articles,

● Supplies and the use of monitoring equipment,

● Individualized training in monitoring procedures,

● An annual data packet for their well or spring,

● Periodic reports on their aquifers,

● Access to ground-water professions, and

● Invitations to regularly scheduled meetings.


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